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Manifestation to stop the clear-cutting in POIGAN: Friday August 24th 2012, at noon at Mount Royal Park in Montreal

- 2:00pm
Friday August 24 2012

Venue: At Mount Royal Park in Montreal , in the "Tam-tam" of Montreal place on Parc avenue (at the Angel statue)

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We must MOBILIZE to stop the massive deforestation by the forestry industry in Poigan, one of the most spectacular places in Quebec, situated in Parc de La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. From the beginning of July, Resolute Forest Products has been destroying not only the ancestral lands of the Algonquins but also the natural habitat of numerous animal species some of which are endangered, including ...
the spotted salamander. The time for action is NOW!

We represent a group of Algonquins who practice a traditional lifestyle in the park of La Verendrye (they call themselves Anishinabe, Algonquin is a designation used by non-natives). Their ancestral territories divided and transmitted from time immemorial according to their own customary law, are now devastated by logging company PF Resolute, formerly Abitibi Bowater. The representative is named Jacob Wawatie.

The Wawatie family is welcomimg in recent years other Anishnabe families whose land has b
een cut. Poigan is the name of their traditional territory. This is a site of great beauty, which is literally a pantry for those families who are otherwise disadvantaged. This territory is also used for teaching and transmission of traditional knowledge at a place called Kokomville. This is a real humanitarian tragedy for one of the poorest people in Quebec who still today pulls its main livelihood of the forest.

We tried to oppose these cuts in Superior Court, so far unsuccessfully. We formed with some friends a solidarity group, in Montreal, called SOS Poigan. We are planning a press conference and a demonstration on August 24 on the Mont-Royal. Our goal is a complete ban on logging in the forest park of La Verendrye and the establishment of joint management of the park with Anishnabe.


Organizer:Yvan Bombardier: 514-526-0737

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